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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How long does the treatment take and how soon does it take effect?   

The stop smoking treatment takes about 20 minutes and takes effect
immediately. You should feel no physical cravings and your body should be
fairly relaxed in preparation for not experiencing nasty withdrawal symptoms

2) Is the treatment painful and will I be able to drive afterward?  

Low level laser treatment is totally safe and absolutely painless. A majority of
people feel fairly relaxed, but you can certainly drive after the treatment

3) Does insurance cover the treatment?  

No, not at this time. The treatment is in FDA trials right now.  Laser Solutions
is one of the clinics participating in these trials. Hopefully, the treatments will
be approved soon, and then perhaps insurance would pay. In the meantime,
remember, smokers can easily spend as much on cigarettes over a month or
two as the treatment costs!

4) How long will the effects of the treatment last?

Once we have succeeded in blocking your physical cravings and withdrawal
symptoms, the treatment lasts forever, or until you decide to put nicotine into
your system. In other words, if you smoke, you undo the treatment. We do
offer one free re-treatment, called a “booster”, that’s good for 6 months
following the original treatment. We understand that the psychological
attachment to smoking can be very strong, and the habit practically reflexes,
so we factor in human frailty and provide one free retreatment in the event
the customer wants to try to have “just one..” because if he or she tries “just
one”, he or she will be full time smoking within a week—that’s just the nature
of nicotine.

5) Does the treatment interfere with any medications? What if I have a

No medications interfere with this treatment. A pacemaker is no problem,

6) What do you accept for payment?

Cash or check. If we are on location away from our office, we prefer cash.

7) How many treatments will I need?

Most people need just the one treatment. If you are struggling, or if you give
in and have a cigarette, we provide one free retreatment within the 6 months
following treatment. After the booster is used of the six months expires,
customers receive a lifetime courtesy rate of $50 in the event of relapse.

8)  What is your success rate with smokers who do the laser treatment?

Our goal is to block the physical withdrawal symptoms from nicotine, and our
experience is that the laser is over 90% successful eliminating the cravings
and withdrawal symptoms such as irritability and edginess.