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Corporate Programs

Would you like to increase productivity in your business?

Studies show that smoking costs US companies approximately $26 billion a year in lost
work hours. Smoking impairs efficiency and productivity in the work place. And, it
affects the health of both smokers and non-smokers alike.

Due to these statistics, compounded by the laws regarding smoking in the workplace,
as well as most other public places, many companies are looking into smoking
cessation programs in order to help employees kick the habit. Some companies have
incentive programs encouraging employees to quit smoking. If this is true with your
company, you may choose to let the incentive be a half payment of each employee’s

At Laser Solutions, we offer a highly successful program to help your employees quit
smoking without the usual withdrawal symptoms.   We can do the 20-minute
treatments at your workplace to further accommodate employees.  

Laser treatment is drug-free and painless. It is the most modern, efficient, effective
form of therapy available in the treatment of nicotine addiction.

Laser Solutions is located in the Town of Hamburg, New York, approximately 20
minutes south of Buffalo.  We would be happy to discuss a program designed to help
your employees who want to quit smoking. Please
call or email Chris Polito to discuss