Nicotine Addiction

It is amazing that there is a legal product that can be marketed so aggressively in our supposedly health-conscious country, about which it can be said, basically: “when used as directed, this product causes death…” Once a person starts smoking or chewing, the choice to continue to use the substance is, for most users, virtually out of his or her hands. The U. S. Surgeon General Report states that withdrawal from nicotine is as difficult or even more difficult as withdrawal from HEROIN!

Think about it: How would you like to be able to market a product with virtually no quality control, containing dozens & dozens of poisonous ingredients, is packaged with a pretty logo on the front, accompanied by a WARNING underneath the brand, something to the effect that “this product has a good chance of giving you lung cancer, shortening your life, dangerously lowering the birth weight of your baby, increasing your risk of heart attack and stroke, etc., etc.,” charge up to $5.00 a pack— which is a ONE DAY SUPPLY for the average user-- and know that despite all the above, you are insured a captive customer for years and years to come? Brilliant!?

Actually, SHAMEFUL! There is not a chance in a million that such a product could be approved today. So how does this product stay on the market? And why is it that the user is the party judged so negatively, rather than the maker, or the distributor, or the consumer watchdog agency—the FDA—that refuses to take this deadly product off the market?

Smokers often judge themselves weak or stupid that they cannot just quit a habit when they get to the point that they truly recognize the negative effects on their lives. Smokers need to recognize the near conspiracy that is ongoing to attract youthful smokers through clever marketing, addict them to the deadly substance, and keep them as customers and victims, as long as possible. Get mad that such products are allowed to lure the next generation into this vicious, and supremely profitable, vortex of shameless greed. Now, Commit to Quit and take back control of your life!