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Stop Smoking

For Nicotine Addictions:
Cigarettes, Cigars, Chewing Tobacco

The laser works on the same principle as acupuncture, but without the needles. We
use a low energy laser, which is
TOTALLY PAINLESS. We apply the laser to specific
trigger points on your body that involve craving, withdrawal, anxiety, as well as several
appetite suppressant points, to help avoid weight gain as you kick the habit.

Our main goal is to take away the body's craving for nicotine, as well as to
alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Cigarettes should be considered the ultimate
“designer drug”, specifically engineered to keep you addicted to smoking,
even when you very sincerely want to quit.  It is not personal weakness that
keeps you from kicking this habit. The U. S. Surgeon General’s Report states
that withdrawal from nicotine is as difficult or even more difficult as
withdrawal from HEROINE! It is very difficult to “go cold turkey” off nicotine.
The body responds with a truly miserable physical withdrawal, typically
characterized by very strong physical cravings for the substance—nicotine—
and extreme edginess.

The laser is very effective blocking the misery of withdrawal symptoms
. After
one 20-minute treatment, you should experience no more physical cravings, and the
normally miserable withdrawal symptoms should be blocked. Your job at this point is to
recognize the other significant aspect of smoking that is HABIT - reaching for a
cigarette with coffee, for example, not because you're craving one, but because that's
your HABIT. And for most smokers, its not a new habit, its been an integral part of
their daily routines for decades! You have a cigarette with: coffee, the phone, driving,
stress, etc. You log onto the computer, you light up—and so on. Often, you're
smoking a cigarette before you actually realize you've lit up. Smoking in many
instances is a virtual reflex.

You need to decide that its time to break free from this deadly, stinky, socially
unacceptable, expensive habit. It will never be the “perfect time to quit”; there’s always
some stressful situation or celebration on the horizon—if you wait to find the “perfect
time to quit”, it may very well be too late. Do not let that happen—take back control of
your life TODAY!

Most smokers find that without the awful cravings and withdrawal symptoms, quitting
smoking becomes a very achievable goal.

The treatment has been used in Canada and many other countries for over 25 years
and has reported a
90% success rate in alleviating the craving. Laser Solutions has
been treating smokers since 1997. We have been involved in the FDA clinical trials of
the laser treatments since February of 2005.

The treatment takes about 20 minutes. The cost is $150.

Call for an appointment or more information: 716-627-5903